Judoka/Aik​idoka “Jedi Madi” and Babies Resilience to Fall! – 09/17/2011


Get Rid of The Guilt Trip! ;+)

The”old” Mercedes Benzes were made after “Mother Nature’s Design Skills”, i.e.,  “over-engineered”…….you used to see them in accidents where all other cars were total wrecks and the Mercedes Benzes looked like stepping out of the brand’s commercial………;+)

Babies are made that way too! (Thankfully!) ;+) Look at those babies falling several stories and surviving! ;+)

Wait until “Jedi Madi” grows up and participates into “action” “contact” sports! ;+) The sinking feeling in the parent’s stomach doesn’t disappear when the children age……..;+) This is why I was so adamant about “judo” and “aikido” ‘fall breaking skills””rolling with the punch”, they saved my motorcyclist, and others of my “nine” lives, numerous times…..;+)

The advantages of babies over adults is that they do NOT stiffen when they fall and their bodies are still much more flexible than adults.

Again,Thanks to “Mother Nature’s” “over-engineering” skills! ;+)

BTW, watch out closing the stairs baby’s gate, as stairs have angles difficult to absorb for younger children, as their bodies are not long enough, yet, to spread on several steps and often land on steps corners, even  if they do NOT stiffen when they fall…….;+) They don’t break bones, but open skin and can get scars…….:+(


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