An “Apple” a Day Would Keep the (Economy’s​) Doctor Away! – 09/20/2011

For Your Entertainment (FYE)

“Apple hit a record $413.23 a share before fading a bit to close at $411.63, still a gain of nearly 3 percent on the day. The gain gives Apple a market cap of $371 billion, making it the most valuable U.S.-based company, at least for the moment. Oil giant company Exxon Mobil has a market cap that currently is a bit behind Apple’s at $362 billion.”

“The revolt in Greece is echoing throughout Europe, as voters in wealthier “core” countries like Germany and France harden their opposition to bailing out weaker southern economies including Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy. It’s part of a growing “revolt against Brussels,” according to  Nicolas Burns, a former U.S. ambassador and now professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.
“It’s reminiscent of the revolt by Americans against their own government in Washington, but it’s much more serious and deeply rooted in Europe,” he told CNBC. “People want to reclaim some control and ownership that used to reside in nation-states that now reside in this huge bureaucracy. It’s difficult for politicians to overcome that depth of public sentiment.””

“Creditors are threatening to cut the cash lifeline, which would force Greece to go bankrupt in less than a month.”

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