Employers Say Jobs Plan Won’t Lead to Hiring Spur – 09/11/11

For Your Entertainment (FYE)


Financial incentives without increased market demand won’t create jobs, period. ;+)

The emphasis should be on designing affordable consumers enticing, market demand creating, “enjoyable emotional experience” products and services global future market architecture, period ditto……….;+)

The market doesn’t see any affordable “Kill-Apps”(“killer applications”) (“disruptive technology”) (“paradigm shifts”) strong enough and vital enough to move the demand out of neutral and into forward.

The affordable “kill-apps” have also to be spread through all economic sectors, not just technology, smart phones and energy, but through the primary (agriculture & mining), secondary (construction, engineering & manufacturing/production) and tertiary (design & services) economic sectors.

To do that you have to create a “compelling vision” of the future that will move everyone into action to create it……….Money (sovereign funds & private/public investors) will follow the vision anywhere, if the vision is strong enough.

Look at Steve Jobs’ Apple, because of its creativity, design, imagination, innovation (“killer applications’,”disruptive technology”,”paradigm shift”), its capitalization bypassed Oil Titan’s Exxon/Mobil in the middle of our “Depression”…….

Its success is replicable in any economic sector if the right focus is put on it…….

Maybe it’s time to read again Tom Peters “Thriving on Chaos” and apply C.L.I.P.S.   ;+)

We are obsessed by finance, when we should be concentrating on what we want to do, globally, with our future world, to create sustainable satisfactory solutions to our hierarchy of needs.

Without vision, the money goes nowhere and certainly not where it is needed and does not produce any positive return……..

““If I get a $4,000 benefit for hiring you and I pay you $80,000 and you’re going to sit at your desk and do nothing because there’s nothing to do,” said Marty Regalia, chief economist of the United States Chamber of Commerce, “then the businesses aren’t going to hire you.””

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