Why we will NOT see any Steve Jobs & Bill Gates in Viet Nam any time soon., among many other Viet Nam aggravatio​ns, unfortunat​ely – 08/31/2011

For Your Entertainment (FYE)


“Home schooling may be a normal thing in some countries, but it is rather rare in Vietnam where academic records are accorded great importance, sometimes excessively so.”

“Under current regulations, a person cannot enroll in a high school if s/he has not attended kindergarten, primary school and high school.”

“The local education sector should carry out some research to see if the child is both physically and mentally ready to skip grades.

“If necessary, the provincial education authorities should send us the results of their research; if the child is really special, we ourselves will conduct tests on her and decide.”

“I think we should be very careful before we can call someone a prodigy or genius. A child who gets ahead of too many grades may be affected mentally.””


You can say that again! Talk to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates about it! They were definitely affected about it, they became “successful” in their chosen field without anyone meddling…….;+)


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