The (new?) USA Motto: “Share the Care”…..​…sounds a lot like an old USMC drill instructio​n “Improvise​, Adapt & Overcome” and IT WORKS! – 08/29/11

For Your Daily Morale Booster (FYDMB) ;+)

Fire all the HMO/PPO & Retirement Homes, the Future of Health Care lurked in the USMC Motto: “Improvise, Adapt & Overcome” all along! ;+)

“An unofficial mantra of the Marine Corps based on the fact that the Corps generally received Army hand-me-downs and the troops were poorly equipped. Despite this, the Marine Corps has been successful mostly because of the creativity of its people and their success-based attitude. ”

“Perhaps no one feels more alone than when being wheeled into the operating room, but for many, that feeling continues on because there’s no one to provide care and support at home afterward. ”

“In the past, extended and immediate family members shouldered much of the load when someone became seriously ill. That’s changed as marriage rates declined and families shrunk. More than 31 million Americans — representing more than a quarter of U.S. households — live alone, according to the 2010 Census. That’s up about 6.5 million since 1995. On top of that, the U.S. population is getting older.”

“Then there’s Lucy Whitworth. Whitworth lives alone and 800 miles from her nearest relative, but after she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, she endured surgery and chemo secure in the knowledge that she would never want for companionship or a cooked meal or a clean house during her recovery.

“Lucy’s Angels” — 49 friends who’d signed up to help care for her, were “literally fighting over me” for more than a year, Whitworth, now 70, recalls. “There weren’t enough tasks for that many people.” ”


“Whitworth has never been married nor had children. But she’s lived in Sebastopol, Calif., since 1985 and has made cultivating friendships a high priority, whether they be with women in a lesbian retirees group she organized or fellow square dance aficionados.

“I don’t have a big extended family,” she says. “Years ago, it became very clear that my family was my friends.”

One of those friends is Tricia Hoffman, 64, who also lives in Sebastopol. Hoffman is the first to admit she’s no cook, but she found there were plenty of other ways to help Whitworth during her recovery. She could take her to the doctor, go grocery shopping or simply keep her company.”


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