Kimberley-​Clark/Hugg​ies and the US Military in a “camo” recruiting​/retention drive at a WallMart Near You – 08/29/2011

From Apple to Huggies the “bottomless” need for fashionable design in our lives, since infancy……….;+)

“Huggies is giving baby bottoms a fashion boost, rolling out a new diaper designed with the look of camouflaged military apparel at Walmart stores nationwide.

The move comes months after limited edition Huggies “Jeans Diapers” — a jean-like diaper design — became a sell-out hit with consumers, and after another diaper was issued with pink ruffles.”


” For every pack of “Little Movers Camo Diapers” purchased, Huggies Every Little Bottom program will help diaper a baby in need by donating to Operation Homefront, which provides emergency assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors, Huggies said in a press release. Huggies Every Little Bottom plans to donate up to 500,000 diapers to military families. ”


“Huggies “Little Movers Camo Diapers” will be available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide for a limited time between September to November 2011.”


“After a four-year decline in births during the economic downturn, most diaper makers in the $5 billion diaper industry are seeking novel ways to boost sales.”


The return of US Armed Forces to CONUS from several tours of duty on overseas Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts theaters should help create a new “baby boom” and contribute to alleviate the lack of new babies issue from “bottom to top”…….;+)


Maybe, it’s time for new “special 2012 US Elections” red, white and blue colored “show the flag” diapers to demonstrate  how well “settled”, “grounded” and “patriotic from the bottom-up” USA New Babies are……..;+)


P.S.: Now there is a big question: For when the “Special Forces”, “SEALs”, Marines “Recons” design diapers? ………


Unless, it will be for the parent company,  Kimberley-Clark, incontinence products “Depend”, “Huggies” “other line”, usually for senior Baby Boomers……..;+)


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