How to Cook (No Offense Tim) the Apple of Our Eyes – 08/25/2011

For Your (riveting) Entertainment (FYE)

The passionate obsessed dictatorial entrepreneurs/designers/

producers leave and the managers/bean counters/also-run, take over. A very bad time for US technology! HP closes its PC business and excapes as IBM, only a service provider, not entrepreneur/designer or producer, anymore, just another Michael Dell run-of.the-mill. cookie cutter. And now, it’s time to (Tim) Cook Apple, a little like when Gates resigned from Microsoft, but, this time, much more consequential as Apple is the biggest stock market US company, even bigger than Exxon/Mobil (technology kicking oil from first place that says it all!) ………….

“Obviously, a company with tens of thousands of employees can’t chalk up every good idea to one individual, but an Apple without Jobs is a totally different company.
Future success or failure depends on the strength of the new leadership, not to mention the greater forces of the universe, but it’s clear it will face challenges.”

“There are four major factors that can be considered cumulatively as the Jobs effect: Imagination, continuity, destructiveness and focus.”

“Jobs helped his company understand the difference between what is currently possible and what should be possible — his imagination didn’t just empower the industrial design team, but the engineers tasked with the much harder challenge of making the devices actually work.”

“But I call it disruptive continuity because unlike its competitors, Apple under Jobs has never been afraid to cannibalize its own business. ”

“As many who follow U.S. politics know all too well, a healthy democracy does not reward imaginative, counterintuitive thinkers. Apple has not functioned as a democracy — in fact, it’s a lot closer to Rome under Caesar. Because to get this kind of thing done, there needs to be a person who silences debate, and says “This is what will happen.” If the buck starts with Jobs, it also stops there, as well.”

“Apple is a success story for the ages, to be sure, but Jobs isn’t leaving the company tied up neatly with a big red bow. In fact, things are a bit of a mess.”

“What the new leadership at Apple can be fortunate about is that, in the near term, nothing needs to be invented. The iPad really is the heir to the PC, and the iPhone’s evolution is clear enough. Until the iCar and iHouse prototypes are ready, the company knows what it must focus on.”

“But market share battles are not what Apple is good at. A company that innovates at the cost of its own customer base isn’t necessarily built to spread itself far and wide, damn the cost. But maybe that’s what should define the post-Jobs era.
Maybe it’s time for Apple to behave like Microsoft or other companies, and start defending its turf. ”

Unfortunately, when you start defending your turf, you lost the initiative and your innovation leadership.

In technology, often, as Apple showed, the best defense is a good offense………Let’s see if Apple, at least, learned that, from Steve Jobs…….You can’t be number one by cutting corners and looking, first, at finances, you need E3PS “enjoyable emotional experience products and service”………(Remember the kensai engineering Mazda Miata success, or the BMW Mini Cooper S , for that matter, anyone?)

Maybe this is the Wall Street quarterly ROI dictatorship greed that is killing the USA and leading the depression more than the lack of innovation………Did we learn?


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