“Black Hawk Down” Infamous Somalia 1993 US military operation code disaster “Irene”named hurricane bears on the East Coast.:+( Could it be a Somalia Operation – 08/26/2011

For Your Speculation (FYS) and For Your Conspiracy Theories (FYCT)! Is “the Mog” involved in a weather conspiracy from Somalia against the East Coast of the USA????


I rather ask, who chose, “Irene”, the infamous US military operations disaster code of 1993 “The Mog” Somalia “Black Hawk Down” US military disaster, to name a “monster” hurricane, destroying the Bahamas and bearing on the all East Coast of CONUS USA???? Look, “they” already succeeded in moving the USA 2nd Fleet at sea, even though it’s standard procedure in hurricane case……….;+)

But, in any case, even if the Internet goes down (Providence forbids!) 

Good Luck and Please hold on to your hats (baseball caps, anyone ?) and keep me posted………:+(


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