US scrambles to ease shortage of vital medicine – 08/20/2011

For Your Horror (FYH) as it can happen to any of us, especially babies and their cure medicines ! :+(

What a solution for the National Debt! You don’t need to cut social security, medicare and medicaid to get rid of redundant “baby boomers”, just cut their vital medicine supplies and they will die like “ephemeres”flies ( Ephemeroptera)(Mayfly)  that only live twenty four (24) hours, thus, supposedly, relieving our national debt………:+(

“Federal officials and lawmakers, along with the drug industry and doctors’ groups, are rushing to find remedies for critical shortages of drugs to treat a number of life-threatening illnesses, including bacterial infection and several forms of cancer.

The proposed solutions, which include a national stockpile of cancer medicines and a nonprofit company that will import drugs and eventually make them, are still in the early or planning stages. But the sense of alarm is widespread. ”


“So far this year, at least 180 drugs that are crucial for treating childhood leukemia, breast and colon cancer, infections and other diseases have been declared in short supply — a record number.

Prices for some have risen as much as twentyfold, and clinical trials for some experimental cures have been delayed because the studies must also offer older medicines that cannot be reliably provided. ”


“A crucial problem is disconnection between the free market and required government regulation. Prices for many older medicines are low until the drugs are in short supply; then prices soar. But these higher prices do little to encourage more supply, because it can be difficult and expensive to overcome the technical and regulatory hurdles. And if supplies return to normal, prices plunge.

Executives at Premier, a hospital buying cooperative, said that in April and May its members received hundreds of offers from obscure drug wholesalers to sell drugs in short supply at vastly inflated prices. Of the 636 offers that included a price, 45 percent were at least 10 times the normal rate and 27 percent were at least 20 times normal.

Such sales offers are legal as long as suppliers prove that they bought the drugs appropriately. Some wholesalers buy certain drugs in large quantities because they are betting there will be a shortage. The excessive buying can help make their predictions come true. “We never like to see a situation where people can profit off of a national crisis and engage in price gouging,” Mike Alkire, Premier’s chief operating officer, said in an interview. ”


” This is why a single payer system is urgently needed. Drug companies playing games with peoples’ lives for financial gain should be punished severely. Open up those borders and start importing doctors, medicine and whatever else is needed. While you are doing that, slap a $20 million fine for every drug manipulation offense. That will make them think twice.”


” Any drug whose manufacturer who CHOOSES to cut production below normal demand levels should lose patent protection permanently, so other companies can fill the demand.”


“I say put a bullet in any persons head that screws with the pharmacological market as they invest in large quantities of certain drugs hoping they will be shortlisted.  then, they turn around and sell them at inflated rates.  Or because of their buying habits (huge amounts) people who need them can’t get them because they are not available.  These are the same sleaze bags that are screwing with gas prices when they buy on a speculative basis!  BANG!”


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