Oh! What a Feeling…​Unemployme​nt! – 08/23/2011

For Your Empathy (FYE)…..:+(

I TOTALLY “empathize” with ALL that is said! :+(

UNFORTUNATELY, this is NOT finished Yet! :+(


And for “comic relief”,as much as possible:


“Look, it’s a lot easier to not hire someone than to fire them. Someone who doesn’t take their job seriously can really be a pain in the workplace, draining energy away from other tasks. But firing that person can also be a pain — it can take weeks of HR meetings, establishing a paper trail, etc. ”

“So if I’m trying to hire someone, I’m on the lookout for anything at all that shows you don’t take this seriously. That includes how you dress and how you carry yourself. Yes, it’s unfair, and in an ideal world you wouldn’t have to worry about it. But it’s the way it is.”

Now, why the Internet and Social Networks can be your best and your worst friends:

“Folks need to realize they have to sanitize their net presence. Those drunken spring break pictures have got to go, and they have got to go a few years before you plan on getting that job so that they’ve made their way out of caches and/or can be explained credibly as “well that was then….””

The same goes for what is said in “chat” rooms……..:+(

So much for privacy………:+(


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