Communication – 07/10/11

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For Your Entertainment (FYE) ;+)

As Viet Nam rainy season downpour flick-flock outside, please share a few research subjects in Communication…….;+)

“Communication comprise 55% body language, 38% tone of voice, 7% content of words”, the so-called “7%-38%-55% rule”.[

This is why it is so difficult to communicate long distance without the visual cues, even with freeze-frame motion. :+(

Only full motion would do, at a minimum, and you still miss the hugs and kisses! ;+)

Viet Nam is NOT a “hugging and kissing” country, (except for “beer om” facilities but they all disappeared into “massage parlors” now and this is a very different story as Rudyard Kipling used to say!) only “sniffing” (“hon”) babies (exclusively) is allowed now!;+)

Asia is not going to be civilized after the methods of the West. There is too much Asia and she is too old. Rudyard Kipling

You can say that again!;+)

Big Hugs and Kisses to All!;+)


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