American People Common Sense and Wisdom – 07/04/2011

Never Doubt the Wisdom of American Common People!;+)

For Your Enjoyment (FYE)

” don’t see the United States as less powerful. We just need to pick our battles more carefully. Spending Billions a day on wars that cannot be won makes no sense. A vibrant economy is the best defense against any enemy…………….”

“Much of our foreign policy is concerned with attempting to ‘democratize’ countries who have no desire to adopt our way of life. They may like the materialism, but at what price to them? As to corporations wanting a greater American presence, well, of course they do, letting the government expand markets for them is all well and good except when the taxpayer ends up doing the job and the jobs continue being outsourced.”

and to get you mouth watering!;+)

Big Hugs and Kisses to All!;+)


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