Will There Be a Discount for US Social Security Senior Citizens Retirement Recipients at Ludwig Minelli’s the Swiss euthanasia clinic Dignitas, ? ;+) – 06/28/2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Prposterous or realistic and ahead of its time, would it make US Republicans (R) and Democrats (D) sign an Agreement with the facilities in Switzerland as a Voluntary US Deficit Reduction Solution?

Or maybe, in addition, opening US Federal Social Security Retirees Suicide Assistance Facilities in Zurich, Switzerland? (Instead of a nip and tuck facelift, you go for suicide assistance benefits) At US$5,263.16 or (even better) US$9,210.53, you kill (so to speak) two (2) birds with one stone, you cut US Social Security spending and you make a profit doing it! A win-win solution!;+)

For Your Information (FYI) and depending on which side of the issue you are  For Your Enjoyment (FYE) or NOT!  :+(


“According to Ludwig Minelli, Dignitas charges its patients €4,000 (£3,182/$5,263.16) for preparation and suicide assistance, or €7,000 (£5,568/$9,210.53) in case of taking over family duties, including funerals, medical costs and official fees.
Despite being a non-profit organization, Dignitas has repeatedly refused to open its finances to the public”

“Suicide tourism

“Although the assisted suicide market is largely German, as of October 2008, approximately 100 British citizens had travelled to Switzerland from the UK to die at one of Dignitas’ rented apartments in Zurich.
In July 2009, British conductor Sir Edward Downes and his wife Joan died together at a suicide clinic outside Zürich “under circumstances of their own choosing.” Sir Edward was not terminally ill, but his wife was diagnosed with rapidly developing cancer.
In March 2010, British comics artist John Hicklenton ended his life at the Dignitas clinic following a 10-year battle with multiple sclerosis

EXIT is another Swiss organization providing assisted suicide. In 2008, it had 50,000 members. However, EXIT strictly denies suicide assistance for people from abroad.
EXIT Switzerland is not affiliated with Exit International, the similarly named voluntary euthanasia organization founded by Philip Nitschke.”

Happy Future Voluntary (with incentives and tax deductions for future generations) US Federal Assisted Suicide for US Social Security Retirees!……..;+)

Big Hugs and Kisses to All!;+)


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