To Talk Intelligently about Social Sscurity You have First to Talk about Happy Aging – 06/26/2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is never too early to talk about aging since we start aging from birth and we forget about it until it is too late.(almost?)………;+)

“The human divisions given below are not valid in all cultures:

Successful ageing consists of three components:[33]

  1. Low probability of disease or disability;
  2. High cognitive and physical function capacity;
  3. Active engagement with life. “

“Six suggested dimensions of successful ageing include:[18]

  1. No physical disability over the age of 75 as rated by a physician;
  2. Good subjective health assessment (i.e. good self-ratings of one’s health);
  3. Length of undisabled life;
  4. Good mental health;
  5. Objective social support;
  6. Self-rated life satisfaction in eight domains, namely marriage, income-related work, children, friendship and social contacts, hobbies, community service activities, religion and recreation/sports. “

“Social work with older adults, known as geriatric social work practice, is considered to be both a macro and micro practice with individuals over the age of 60 or 65, their families and communities, aging related policy, and aging research. Geriatric social workers typically provide counseling, direct services, care coordination, community planning, and advocacy in an array of agencies and organizations including private practice, in home, neighborhoods, hospitals, senior congregate living, hospice/end of life care, senior centers, oncology centers and residential long term care facilities such as nursing facilities. At the macro level, geriatric social workers work within state departments of health, adult protective services, and at universities and colleges, as well as Administration on Aging offices on a federal level in the United States”

“Rapid aging populations are expected worldwide. In the United States, the “baby boomer” generation will begin to turn 65 in 2011. Those over the age of 85 are projected to increase from 5.3 million to 21 million by 2050.[1] With the rapid growth of the aging population, social work education and training specialized in older adults and practitioners interested in working with older adults are increasingly in demand[2][3] (Where? Federal, State and Local Governments Agencies do NOT have any more money)In the last decade, geriatric social work education, practice, and research have received substantial support from foundations such as the John. A Hartford Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Atlantic Philanthropies.[4]

“Uprising of the Old People” is a belated wake-up call.  “If films like these were made 15 years ago, we wouldn’t have wasted as much time and wouldn’t now be worrying about the disaster we’re heading for,” said Biedenkopf, formerly a leader in Merkel’s Christian Democrats and premier of Saxony state.”

“It is the year 2023. Hundreds of elderly people have undergone elective surgery in order to replace non functional or weak limbs with superior mechanical ones. However these same individuals are facing hard times as society begins to exponentially increase health and life expectancy. The elderly are perceived as unneeded group, leftovers from centuries past. The majority is simply waiting for the last of them to pass so that the age of endless youth can begin.”

“Tensions build as two retirement homes are attacked by young white males eager to find some remaining group against which to commit hate crimes and prove whatever if it is they hope to prove to one another. The government does little to compensate or protect those retired communities which are at greatest risk. In fact retirement as we know it is expected to be legislated out over the next two years.
The elderly are forced to take up action on their own. They alter their artificial limbs into powerful weapons. ”

“The old people cyborg uprising is begun.”

Big Hugs and Kisses to All!;+)


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