43 Years later the Return to the Gray Panthers (1970) and May 1968 Revolution – 06/27/2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For Your Entertainment (FYE)


Gray Panthers are
Age and Youth in Action. We are an intergenerational, multi-issue organization working to create a society that puts the needs of people over profit, responsibility over power and democracy over institutions.

Gray Panthers top issues
• Health Care
• Environment
• Peace & Civil Rights/Liberties
• Economic Security “


“It is difficult to identify precisely the politics of the students who sparked the events of May 1968, much less of the hundreds of thousands who participated in them. There was, however, a strong strain of anarchism, particularly in the students at Nanterre. While not exhaustive, the graffiti gave a sense of the millenarian and rebellious spirit, tempered with a good deal of verbal wit, of the strikers (the anti-work graffiti shows the considerable influence of the Situationist movement).[

  • All power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  • We want structures that serve people, not people serving structures.
  • The revolution doesn’t belong to the committees, it’s yours.
  • Je suis Marxiste – tendance Groucho. (I’m a Marxist – of the Groucho variety.)
  • Comrades, let’s lynch Séguy! [Georges Séguy, head bureaucrat of the Communist Party-dominated labor union]
  • Man is neither Rousseau’s noble savage nor the Church’s or La Rochefoucauld’s depraved sinner. He is violent when oppressed, gentle when free.
  • A single non-revolutionary weekend is infinitely more bloody than a month of total revolution.
  • Those who lack imagination cannot imagine what is lacking.
  • A cop sleeps inside each one of us. We must kill him. Drive the cop out of your head.
  • We don’t want to be the watchdogs or servants of capitalism.
  • “The cause of all wars, riots and injustices is the existence of property.”(St. Augustine)
  • Commute, work, commute, sleep . . .
  • Since 1936 I have fought for wage increases. My father before me fought for wage increases. Now I have a TV, a fridge, a Volkswagen. Yet my whole life has been a drag. Don’t negotiate with the bosses. Abolish them.
  • The future will only contain what we put into it now.
  • The more you consume, the less you live. Commodities are the opium of the people.
  • Abolish copyrights: sound structures belong to everyone.
  • This concerns everyone.[8]
  • L’ennui est contre-révolutionnaire. (Boredom is counter-revolutionary.)
  • L’imagination prend le pouvoir! (Imagination takes power!)
  • Soyez réalistes, demandez l’impossible. (Be realistic, ask the impossible.)[9]
  • Prenez vos désirs pour la réalité. (Take your desires for reality.)
  • On achète ton bonheur. Vole-le. (They are buying your happiness. Steal it.)
  • Presse: ne pas avaler. (On a poster with a bottle of poison labelled: “Press: Do not swallow.”)
  • Même si Dieu existait, il faudrait le supprimer. (Even if God existed it would be necessary to abolish him.)
  • Le patron a besoin de toi, tu n’as pas besoin de lui. (The boss needs you, you don’t need him.)
  • L’été sera chaud! (Summer will be hot!)
  • On ne revendiquera rien, on ne demandera rien. On prendra, on occupera. (We will beg for nothing. We will ask for nothing. We will take, we will occupy.)
  • Travailleur : tu as 25 ans mais ton syndicat est de l’autre siècle. (Worker: You are 25, but your union is from another century.)
  • Nous ne voulons pas d’un monde où la certitude de ne pas mourir de faim s’échange contre le risque de mourir d’ennui. (We don’t want a world where the guarantee of not dying of starvation brings the risk of dying of boredom.)
  • In a society that has abolished every kind of adventure the only adventure that remains is to abolish the society.
  • Ceux qui font les révolutions à moitié ne font que se creuser un tombeau. (Those who make revolutions half way only dig their own graves.)
  • Run, comrade, the old world is behind you!
  • Sous les pavés, la plage. (Under the paving stones, the beach.)
  • Vivre sans temps mort et jouir sans entrave. (Live without wasted time and enjoy without hindrance.)
  • La barricade ferme la rue mais ouvre la voie. (Barricades close the street but open the way.)
  • When the National Assembly becomes a bourgeois theater, all the bourgeois theaters should be turned into national assemblies. (Written above the entrance of the occupied Odéon Theater)
  • Warning: ambitious careerists may now be disguised as “progressives.”
  • Stalinists, your children are with us!
  • Be cruel.
  • I love you!!! Oh, say it with paving stones!!![10]
  • Under 21? [Picture of a brick] Here is your ballot!

Big Hugs aand Kisses to All!;+)


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