Why not file a class action suit against all US organizations who outsourced, ending up injuring the US consumers who are also their employees? – 05/27/2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For your Entertainment (FYE) even though, in reflection, it can be really infuriating……..;+)


“The procedure for filing a class action is to file suit with one or several named plaintiffs on behalf of a proposed class. The proposed class must consist of a group of individuals or business entities that have suffered a common injury or injuries. Typically these cases result from an action on the part of a business or a particular product defect or policy that applied to all proposed class members in a typical manner”

“A class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of a group of people who have been in some way injured by the actions of a company. It is common to see class action lawsuits filed by members of the company if hiring or salary practices have been illegal”

“Developing nations comprise more than four-fifths of the

membership of the World Trade Organization (“WTO”). Yet, they seldom

participate in the WTO’s powerful dispute settlement process. This is

problematic because the WTO is essentially a self-enforcing system of

reciprocal trade rights that relies on proactive monitoring and enforcement

by all members. Use of the self-enforcement mechanism – by initiating

cases under the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Understanding (“DSU”) – is


“The most significant constraint to progressive liberalisation lies in the struc­ture of the market, ….With respect to economic development potential, there seems to be no real incentive for developing countries to liberalise trade ”

“The Court ruled in favour of the validity of the WTO Agreement. It held that while the Constitution indeed mandates a bias in favour of (Asian country) goods, services, labour and enterprises, it also recognises the need for business ex­change with the rest of the world on the bases of quality and reciprocity. It limits protection of (Asian country) enterprises only against foreign competition and trade practices that are unfair. In other words, the (Asian country) Constitu­tion did not intend to pursue an isolationist policy, but neither does it encourage unlimited entry of foreign goods, services and investments.”

So where are the class action suits in the USA and in the WTO against organizations that injure their customers/employees by outsourcing overseas and other foreign countries unfairly (despite significant quality and other failures) (US class action suits) and violate WTO rules by discriminating against western foreign service suppliers preferring to go without quality instead of using a western foreigner service provider already in the country at the already generally accepted country cost rate) (cases under the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Understanding (“DSU”)) ???????……..

Big Hugs and Kisses to All!;+)

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