What to look for in Social Security, Medicare forecasts – 05/13/2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For Your Information (FYI) unfortunately NOT your enjoyment


” I have been paying into these programs for my future since 1975, if it is not going to be there for me then I would like to formally request a refund please! ”

” I have been paying since 1963 into the program , then President Johnson did an executive order that let the U S borrow from Social Secutiy , The government as I see it needs to pay back all the monies they have taken from us. The B/S that congress and senators keep feeding just doesn’t wash”

” Social Security would be very healthy today and for decades to come, if Congress hadn’t robbed from it to pay for other pork barrel projects over the last 50 years.”

Big Hugs and Kisses to All!;+)


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