War for American hearts and minds rages over Islam – 05/13/2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For Your Information (FYI) unfortunately NOT your enjoyment…..:+(


“what do you think would happen to Christians in this country if the bible said to kill anyone that was not a believer?”

“Western societies have only recently begun to extricate themselves from the domination of religion. Middle eastern societies have not done so.”

“Today’s Muslims should look more deeply into their involvement with religion and perhaps they, too, would find that it is their entanglement with religion that has caused them so many centuries of stagnation, both social, political, and most certainly intellectual.”

“Now comes a resurgence of Middle Eastern societies (powered by oil money and nothing else), and yet they insist upon dragging with them the very thing, religion, which has stymied their development. It is a curious thing to see a people cling to a system which offers them so little…other than the usual religious notions of glory, salvation, paradise, and other immaterial and irrelevant concepts.
Muslims always demand to be “understood”, but they rarely bother to try to understand others. They must come to understand that their Islamic religious tenets cover far more of the social/political arena than religion is allowed to do in western societies. “Their” law cannot trump “our” law.
If Muslims want to strictly adhere to “their” law, then they must go somewhere where “their” law reigns…..which is where they escaped from in the first place.
In order to be in America, then, Muslims must give up those aspects of Islam which are contradictory to American law. America cannot allow a subset of laws to exist in tandem with, but contrary to, its own secular laws.
American secular law works rather well. Islamic shari’ia law fails.”


“‘I heard someone shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ [Arabic for ‘God is great’] and then I heard a huge blast’ ”

“If a suicide bomber kills only himself, it is considered a sin. But if he kills himself while killing others, the suicide bomber believes it to be a holy act.
There is something terribly wrong with a religion that does not condemn suicide bombers. Why do they do it? Why don’t the mullahs condemn it? And why can’t suicide bombers themselves realize they are not holy martyrs, but simply mass murderers. Islam is the only religion on earth where suicide bombers believe they will be rewarded with endless sex in the sky with a promise of 72 virgins.
I am convinced Islam is a psychosis.

Big Hugs and Kisses to All!;+)


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