Pastor regrets posting baby pat-down photo on Twitter – 05/12/2011

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For Your Information (FYI) your minimum daily dose of controversy…….;+) Twitt-Twitt your head-off away!…..;+)

” Search everyone or no one. If you start restricting who can be searched terrorists will use those safe from search to carry out their plans. If you think terrorists wouldn’t use a baby as a bomb you are living in a dreamland. Everybody and everything must be subject to the possibility of a search, or you leave the safety of all open to exploitation by terrorists.”

How Israel Does El Al Security

Please note that Israel does not do cost benefit analysis. The other key principles are:

1) Everybody gets screening interview. Do not rely solely on technology.

2) Everybody gets a screening interview. It doesn’t matter if you look like a 90 year old Chassidic grandmother, you get screened like everyone else. And security people are instructed that if terrorists can slip by you because they know you give 90-year old Chasiddic grandmothers a break, they will disguise themselves that way. Then you send in some of your own people disguised as 90 year old Chassidic grandmothers to see if they got this lesson. Fire the ones who didn’t understand that you screen everybody like a potential terrorist — which means polite but alert and looking for key indicators.

I always tell people that not only is racial profiling bad for all the obvious reasons, it’s bad security!

A proctologist recruitment drive advertisement at TSA……….;+)

Big Pat Downs to All!;+)


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